Michel Tremblay – Personality Profile

avril 3rd, 2014

1920262_700543963330514_1266079733_n Photo Credit: Guillaume Vincent

This month we wanted to introduce you to one of the most charming, friendly, and charismatic personalities here in our region, Michel Tremblay, if you have ever had the chance to visit the prestigious Quintessence Hotel, then you may have seen Michel walking the hallways.




He has been involved within the hotel and restaurant industry since graduating from LaSalle College, and has experienced great success in his journey. In 2004, Michel was approached by the upper management of Hôtel Quintessence and offered the position of Sales and Marketing Director. He accepted, and was soon thereafter promoted to General Manager, a post he occupied for the first three years of the hotel’s operations.




In 2010, after a three-year stint at Intrawest Tremblant Resort, managing the Westin Resort & Spa, he was asked to return to the Quintessence as a shareholder in the La Quintessence restaurant and, once again, as General Manager of the hotel itself. His mandate has been to oversee the development and growth of the Quintessence’s projects, the brand, and its vision.


We asked Michel a few questions, and here is what he had to say:

1. How long have you been GM at the Quintessence? 7 years total

2. What are some of the best parts of your daily role as the GM? Making our visitors happy and seeing them indulge themselves and unwind during their stay at the hotel or at our restaurant in our beautiful region of Mont-Tremblant.

3. How do you feel after celebrating 10 years of operation?  Inspired to continue the vision and the mission we gave ourselves, since the beginning and offer the best experience possible to all of our visitors and guests. Sean O’Donnell and Steve Courey are great mentors.

4. What has contributed to the success of the hotel? The Q team, the staff have been attentive to offer all visitors and we are inspired by our guests to offer a greater level of service.

5. Can you share one of your favorite moments at the hotel?  Each time a guest comes to the hotel and crosses through the doorway; to welcome them it is a real pleasure.  Greeting a new or repeat corporate group to the hotel, or all the families that we become very close with them and the especially the Ironman participants.  From my personal point of view, when the guests are in their suites getting ready to come down to have dinner at the hotel with all the guests from outside and this makes for a great atmosphere in the restaurant.  The Winebar is a place for magic moments and real happenings.


For Michel Tremblay, the hotel and restaurant business is, first and foremost, a matter of passion.  If you visit the Quintessence, please be sure to say hello to Michel, it would be his pleasure to greet you with a smile.




The Quintessence has recently celebrated their 10th year anniversary, and is consistently being featured as one of the greatest places to stay by some great travel reviews such as the Robb Report, Conde Nast Traveler, Canoe Travel, La Vie de Luxe and many more. For more information on your future stay, please visit Hotel Quintessence

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