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Personality Profile

December 4th, 2013



As part of The Inside Track, each month I will be sharing and highlighting a personality summary with you, seeing as this month we are focusing on the 24h, I would like to share with you the exciting and energetic profile of Simon St-Arnaud, Producer of the 24h of Tremblant. Simon has been involved in the 24h since it’s beginning here in Tremblant, he was a one of the driving forces that brought the event to Canada from Villars, working alongside Jacques Villeneuve, Barbara & Craig Pollack.   I had the opportunity to be there in Villars for the first 24h with Simon, and it was a trip I will never forget.  It was back then, skiing the Alps after midnight with Simon, that I fell in love with the 24h event, and I knew that I would stay involved for years to come.




Simon and I have remained good friends throughout my 24h journey, and I am amazed at how much the event has grown. Simon has been the Executive Producer of Tremblant’s 24h events since 2001.Besides producing the 24h of Skiing, Simon is also the producer for the sister event, the 24h of Cycling, which just celebrated it’s 4th edition and has raised over 2 million in donations for children’s charities.



Simon is a vibrant individual and besides running large scale fundraising events, he also runs a local television network and website called Tremblant TV/, which is a station that plays informative videos in the hotel rooms to help guests stay interested and informed on what there is to do in the region while they are vacationing here, the website keeps you up to date with local news, events and promotions.  He has years of experience in the television industry, and one of the highlights was when he travelled to the 2006 Olympics in Turin to broadcast and correspond for RDS. He has also produced the television shows Ski Mag, Golf Mag and Alpine Adventurer.


He works hard, but plays hard as well; in the summer he spends most of his time on the lake at his cottage, which is boat access only.  He loves to waterski, and cruising around the lake on his pontoon boat with his young family, he has 2 sons, Benjamin and Lucca, and his partner in life Emilie.  It is hard to find balance when you are wearing so many hats on a daily basis, but having a family now forces you to take the time and enjoy those moments while you can.

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